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          New Art!

Check out my BRAND NEW designs: key chains, notebooks, and MORE!



Aisie is a watercolor portrait artist who covers themes of feminine expression, mental health, and other social identity themes within her art.


Examples of Work
Every design is from a hand-painted original work, digitally edited
for prints, stickers, notebook covers, and other merchandise.

(On PC: hover over images to view; on mobile: click images below to view)

Stay Until You're Really Here

About Aisie

I began my journey in semi-abstract and symbolic watercolor portraiture in 2019, only months before the pandemic began. During 2020, with the extra time I had during quarantine, I dedicated myself to perfecting my skills and expressiveness through the medium. I gained the courage to upload those pieces I created on social media, and quickly gained a community around my artwork.
Now, only three years later, I have acquired more than 500k followers via social media and have made artwork a career.
My artwork aims to express the complexities of gender identity, feminine expression, celebration of femininity, mental health and identity issues, and other social identity themes.
I hope you enjoy the work I create and continue to walk with me on my artistic journey. 

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